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Sample Working Papers - Compilation

This sample working paper file for a compilation engagement will help practitioners and their staff in how to put together a file that properly supports a compilation engagement.  The file has been created using checklists that suggest what appropriate procedures could be in most scenarios making it a great tool to help those just starting out or those who are looking for a reminder.  This is a great tool for the office.
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This is a full template to assist the practitioner in performing a compilation engagement.  It is designed to be used manually for either paper or electronic files.
This template contains everything the practitioner needs to adequately document the performance of a compilation engagement.  The platform uses word and excel and includes our customized index , formatted financial statements, letters, checklists, leadsheets and basic working papers.  The indexing system allows one to store all documents related to the file in one location.  All content is fully customizable and contains helpful hints throughout to ensure proper completion.
Once the file is downloads you will need to use winzip or something compatible to unzip the file for use.
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