About Ashgrove

Ashgrove Learning provides on-going practice management and annual professional development needs for the public practitioner. We strive to be a one stop resource centre helping the accounting practitioner with all their public practice questions, research, practice aids and professional development resources including coaching, mentoring, quality control and private consulting to assist with all those hard to ask or answer questions and tasks.

As the site develops and resources grow, practitioners will not need to look anywhere else to stay current and maintain standards. We will put it out there for you and teach you how to make it work!

Our team has over 49 combined years of public practice experience in full accounting and assurance services as well as with practice inspection and standard setting experience with provincial and national accounting bodies. Our products are designed to be practical, easy to use and access, and provide up to the minute information on changes in the industry, making your lives as public practitioners just a little easier.

Management is made up of duly certified professionals in the industry and have the experience, knowledge and credentials to help practitioners at any level.

The Story Of Our Name

The name “Ashgrove” was taken in memory of Ashley Fair who left this world far too soon but taught those around him to embrace life. He believed in the power to heal, and, in taking the name he had chosen for his own business, we hope to provide “solutions” for accountants in public practice.

We trust that our name will help remind us all of the importance of work/life balance.

The logo, the ash tree, represents the power to heal:

“The ash speaks to us of growth, expansion and higher perspective. If we think symbolically, we can liken our own soul-growth with that of the ash. With greater (higher) attainment, the more we need to stay grounded (well rooted).”

“The ash tree is associated with positive enchantment and application of will to destiny, which in many cases represents a healing process as the individual comes into contact with the truth of their own identity and the shamanic wound.”

Penny Fair, FCPA, FCGA

Received her life membership with CGA Alberta in 2014. Currently holds and has held several volunteer positions with CPA Canada, CPA NT (CGA Alberta, NWT)  concentrating mostly in the areas of public practice and professional standards and ethics. She was a practice inspector with CGA Alberta from 1996 to 2014 and sold her accounting practice of 22 years in 2012. The practice provided full service accounting including full assurance. Her experience includes audit of towns, bands, housing associations, not for profit organizations and small businesses in addition to the typical review, compilation and tax preparation services. She has worked with CGA Canada in the past on upgrading the assurance section of the CGA Public Practice Manual, has served as an expert witness on standards issues and has also presented several seminars for CGA Alberta. She is currently a volunteer with the AASB Compilation Engagements Task Force, is Chair of the Discipline Committee for CPA NWT/NU and continues to volunteer on community boards.

Charlie Fair, CPA, CGA, BGS

Charlie worked in public practice from 1999 to 2012. He held a managing position in the firm leading audit teams, maintaining quality control, doing and managing file review, course development and staff training. He has been a practice reviewer with CGA (now CPA) Alberta since 2008 and volunteers on community Boards.

Charlie participated in a leadership role with two major national industrial boards, has developed and presented several seminars, lead in house training for the firm, recognizing needs within the industry and the firm as part of his several roles.