Audit Engagements Working Paper Preparation 2019

This course will assist practitioners in how to prepare an efficient and effective audit working paper file that meets Canadian Auditing Standards.    The course covers the entire scope of the audit as well as how to institute practical ways of handling the planning process.  We will help you with time management through understanding what is required and how to apply it.  We also It cover the new reporting requirements and changes to handling estimates.

 If you perform audit engagements or intend to perform audit engagement services, this course will definately  provide you with useful and practical information on the process.  Register now at our special introductory rate!
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Common Practice Inspection Deficiencies 2018

This courses summarizes the common deficiencies found in practice inspections across the country.  Common deficiencies have remained fairly consistent over the years although this course relates to the past year.  It covers both assurance and non assurance files as well as issues related to quality control and financial statement presentation.  This is a great update and the material includes helpful examples and hints to prevent deficiencies in the first place.  All practitioners should benefit as well as any technicians working on related files.
Course is worth 4 PD points
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Compilation Engagements Working Paper Preparation

Compilation Engagements Working Paper Preparation
This course will take you through a compilation engagement from the beginning to the end.  Whether you are just learning how to do compilation engagements, are new to public practice or are looking for a refresher, this course will have something for you!
Course is worth 7 PD points
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Review Engagement Working Paper Preparation Using CSRE 2400

This course is a follow up to our course on "Understanding Review Engagements Under CSRE 2400."  This course will help you to create a good and efficient working paper file from beginning  to end using the new review engagement standard.  It is designed to help seasoned practitioners stay up to date and implement the new standard, as well as to assist technicians prepare a file that is complete,  ready for review and  that complies with the new standard.  We teach the full review engagement in light of the business of accounting in an effort for you to be able to provide a service that is  not only in compliance with the standard, but also addresses the needs of the client in a manner that suits the firm.
Course is worth 7 PD points
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Rules of Professional Conduct for the Public Practitioner

While every province or territory may have their own version of the rules of professional conduct, the similarities are consistent across the country.  

Learn or refresh yourself about the code and what it means to you as a practitioner.  

In addition, lets take a look at some practical applications and examples of how the Code may affect you on a daily basis.  The course ties all you knowledge together by providing case studies that could be encountered in any public practice.

Whether you offer full assurance services or whether your practice is based on compilation and tax related engagements, there will be something for you in this seminar.  Not only will you be meeting your PD requirements, you will be learning to use these tools in the management and development of your practice.

This course will appeal to any practitioner or technician working in, or wanting to work in public practice.  It will also appeal accountants in other areas of service.

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Sample Course - Association A Canadian Standard

This is a mini course that we are providing to you to assist you on the decision of whether you wish to tryout tour products.  The course topic is called "Association - A Canadian Standard".

The course is eligible for 1 PD hour (non verifiable).  All of our on line courses are verifiable however because of the open nature of this sample, we are unable to make it verifiable.

We hope you enjoy the topic and the content.

Best regards

All of us at Ashgrove Learning.
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Understanding Review Engagements under CSRE 2400

This course takes you through the new standard "Canadian Standards for Review Engagements" (CSRE 2400) which are in effect for engagements with years ending after December 14, 2017.

In this course we take a comprehensive look at the standard and compare it to what was already being done in the profession.

We will take you through the entire standard as well as help reduce the fear that is currently out in the profession about the work effort and costs of doing the engagement.

The information is presented in units and lessons to help you keep your spot so that you can start and finish the course at any time.  
This course will appeal to all practitioners including those who already perform review engagements and for those who are learning to perform review engagement services.
This is a good opportunity to take advantage of our special introductory price.
Course is worth 7 PD points
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